Design has been my passion since I was 8 years old when I rearranged my own bedroom furniture on a monthly basis, always experimenting with how to make a new world out of my 10x12 space. I grew up with my toes in the sand along the Northwest Gulf Coast of Florida, and learned my craft at Auburn University in Alabama where I earned my degree in Interior Design.

As a student, I spent time traveling, studying and absorbing design in a variety of cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta. Never without a camera, time spent capturing the interesting details around me served as a constant source of inspiration. My travels to Europe and Mexico as a young professional further influenced my unique view of design and the built environment.

After a successful internship in college, I began my career at Gensler, Santa Monica, a worldwide design firm specializing in corporate interiors and architecture. I created and designed interior projects that began with ideas sketched on trace paper, then spearheaded the development of full construction documents and actively oversaw construction and implementation of each unique and specialized project along with a team of expert professionals. I worked with many Fortune 500 companies, gaining experience in legal, finance, retail and entertainment project types during my tenure with Gensler.

Since moving to Santa Barbara I’ve worked with wonderful clients designing both home and office environments, creating spaces that my clients tell me are a pleasure to live and work in. What unites my projects is a general feeling of elegance, simplicity and continuity, developed through the combination of rich textures, compelling colors and the sculptural interaction of form that the right furniture and accessories provide. My depth of experience allows me to create beauty in an environment well-suited to its function, bringing joy to all the senses. I currently live in a 1920s downtown bungalow with my husband Kelly, our 2 children and our dog, Rabbit, not far from the office in the Meridian Studios.